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Making a photo card to print is easy with Ivy Joy's Greeting Card maker. Just follow the instructions at each step along the way. After you have completed your card, you will be able to print it or use your back button to return here and edit it. Be sure to visit my wild animal and wild kids virtual cards and my links to other printable activities.

STEP #1: Pick a Picture for the Front
Please select a picture from the list below using the little Radio Button selector on the right side of the picture. You may only pick one picture per card. If you don't find the picture you want on this page, try one of these:
Flowers - Birthdays - Graphics - Photographs
Christmas - Pictures to Color - Holidays - Feelings
Mother's Day - Father's Day - Valentines - New Baby

All card graphics on this page are ©Kristina Iovcheva
and used with her permission.

You can send Kristina feedback from her graphics page.
Thank you Kristy!

Jack in the Box The Musician Fairy
Mam, Dad and Me Paloma I'm Thinking About You
Be Happy Dinosaur Petel

STEP #2: Select Your Text Color
Use the radio button selector below to select your text color.
Black Cat Black
Candy Apple Red
Green as Grass
Sky Blue only Bluer
Navel Orange
24k Gold Foil Yellow
Purple Haze

STEP #3: Select Your Text Font
Use the radio button selector below to select your text font. If the font is not installed on your system your browser should substitute the nearest match.
Bookman Old Style
Comic Sans MS
Times New Roman

STEP #4: Choose Your Greeting
Choose a greeting for your card. This will be printed on the inside right side of the card after you have printed and folded the card.
Without music, life would be a mistake.
Love is like fairy gold,
      the more you give away, the more you have.

Where words fail, music speaks.
You are the music while the music lasts.
Anyone who doesn't belive in Faeries,
      isn't worth knowing."

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.
I feel happy when you are here.
Congratulations on your new baby girl!
Congratulations on your new baby boy!
Obicham te
If you can dream, you can do anything.
Tchestita Koleda
Tchestito Rojdestvo Hristovo
I feel wonderful that you are my friend.
Dare to dream of meeting in your heart's longing.
It doesn't hurt to be optimistic.
      You can always cry later.

I feel like puking! It's Monday!
I Love You !!
True Love That's What I've Found In You
Just had to send a special friend,
      a wish for love and laughter.

I just want to let you know
      what a special friend you are!

Love From your Valentine!
Celebrate the Feast of Lupercalia
This valentine was sealed with a kiss.
      My dog licked it!

Sorry this valentine is wrinkled.
      I hugged it!

Wishing you Love on Valentine's Day
Happy Valentines Day! I'm so Happy You're Mine!
Be My Valentine!
Walk With Me I Love Being Near You!
I think you are totally cOOl!
Thinking of You
Be happy. It's a way of being wise.
Believe in the beauty of your dreams
Friends are born, not made
Friendship is a Sheltering Tree
I Miss You
I Love You
Be kind to yourself today.
Love is the gift of Oneself.
Things do not change, we do
Reach for a Rainbow
There is more to life than increasing its speed
Spoiled Rotten? - Who ME!
Please Come to a Party
Thank You
Goodbye - I'll miss you!
Blagodarya vi mnogo
Congratulations You Did It!
I'm sorry
[Blank] Write in your own greeting
[A Gift Tag]
[A Party Invitation]
[A Party Invitation]
Happy Birthday
Chestit Rojden Den!
¡Feliz Cumpleaños!
Have a Super Birthday
Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.
If age imparted wisdom,
      there wouldn't be any old fools.

Hope you had a Super Birthday
Happy Birthday Mom
Happy Birthday Dad
Happy Birthday Daughter
Happy Birthday Son
Happy Birthday Grandma
Happy Birthday Grandpa
Happy Birthday !!!
Celebrate your Birthday !!!
Happy Birthday to a great Year Old!
Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over !!
Happy Anniversary
Have a Super Anniversary
Years and still going strong. Happy Anniversary!
Get Well
Get Well
I'm here for you. Get Well Soon
Hope you're feeling better.
I feel bad that you feel bad
Get Well or mom will make you eat chicken soup.
My Thoughts Are With You
Our Thoughts Are With You
I'm Sorry I Hurt You
I Share Your Sorrow
My sympathy to you.

STEP #5: Choose a Back
Choose a message for the back of your card. This will be printed on the back after you have printed and folded the card. (Preview Backs)
Cards of Joy
Leave the back blank
Kids Rule
Just splash on a little paint
This card made by ME
Pen Pals
Some dancers would be nice
Recycle Symbol
Barcode Symbol
Peace Dove and Earth
Bulgarian Flag

STEP #6: Add a Message and Sign Your Card
Please fill in below, any personal message (aka Mushy Stuff) you would like to add and how you would like to sign your card. Leave these boxes blank if you don't want this information printed on the card. It will be printed on the inside left side of the card after it is folded.
Your Message:
(maximum of 175 characters)
Your Name:
(maximum of 50 characters)

STEP #7: Select Your Page Background Graphic
Please select a design or blank using the little Radio Button selector on the right side of the picture. The background graphic will display around the edges of your card. Background printing must be enabled in your browser settings if you wish the background to print.
Background Background Background Background Background

Do you want a border around your card for a trimming guide?
Yes     No

STEP #8: Adding Music, Animation or a Gift.
After cutting out your card and folding it, you can add music and animation by singing and jumping up and down when you deliver your card.

You can use this envelope pattern to make an envelope from a sheet of paper. Try using colored paper or one of your coloring sheets. They make great envelopes.

If you mail your card be sure to use an envelope that is at least 3 1/2 X 5 inches. That's postal minimum size. You can add a Gift of Time Certificate, a Certificate of Recognition, a gift Bookmarker or some Ivy Bucks.

STEP #9: Choosing the Card Size
The card is designed to fill one 8 1/2" X 11" sheet of paper with normal margins.

For best results widen the margins and turn off the printing of header and footers [TIP]. This will give you a cleaner card and you can make a larger card. If you are having problems with the card printing on two pages, you can make a smaller card so it will print on one page.
What size card would you like?
Largest Larger Normal Smaller Smallest

STEP #10: Preview & Print
You are now ready to preview your card! To do so, just click on the Preview Card button below. The front and back of your card will be upside down when you view it on the monitor, but will be right side up after you trim and fold it. If you have trouble with this step, ask a kid for help.

You use your browsers "Print" button to print the card after it is displayed on your screen. Use your "Back" button to return to this page if you want to make changes before printing or to make more cards.

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